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Furnace Safety Code Update

This is a wonderful time to take advantage and have a certified technician come out and check your furnace to make sure it is up to safety code standards.
Don't know about safety codes? Check out the article below.
Could this be your home??    
We all know gas can be used for many different things in our lives to make them of more convenience. But what we all should know is that if not monitored and maintenanced properly our gas appliances can be deadly.
Some of us use gas to fuel our heating systems in our home, also known as our furnace. These gas heaters are equipped with a piping system that transfers the gas from the outside of your furnace to the inside of the furnace to make heat. In past years a type of flex piping was used for this purpose. Recent evidence has shown that flex piping alone can be dangerous. In the past, instances occurred where the flex piping was kinked, blocked or pierced by the furnace cabinet door. This posed devastating and sometimes deadly consequences in the home like a gas leak or even a furnace explosion.

As a preventative measure new safety codes are being enforced that require all furnace heaters to be installed with hard piping to prevent such tragedies. The new hard pipe is made of a black iron that is much sturdier and in turn safer for the home. By using the hard piping in conjunction with the flex piping, it creates a more secure environment that meets safety code standards.
How does it effect you? It is best for your safety and that of your family that you make sure your furnace system is up to code. If you have had one of our technicians in the past tell you that your system is not up to code, this is what it means. If you are not sure whether or not your system would pass a safety code then this is the perfect time to check and make sure. A service call fee is a small price to pay for the safety and piece of mind of you and your family.

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To schedule your Furnace installation in Southlake TX, just email us!
To schedule your Furnace installation in Southlake TX, just email us!
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